Jess Morris and Finnegan - Wellington, CO

Photo taken by Riley Whitson Photography
Back in 2023 my 3 year old greyhound Finnegan suffered 3 massive grand mal seizures out of the blue, spread out over about 5 months. My vet wanted to put him on pheno/keppra but the list of side effects was incredibly daunting. I wanted to exhaust all other options before putting Finnegan through that, especially considering what a sensitive dog he is. He deserves the best. So I asked my equine nutritionist Gretchen Topel if she knew of any more natural solutions for seizures and she recommended For the Love of the Horse's seizure/distemper solution. I figured it was worth a try before we put Finn through any more ordeals. Now we are coming up on one year seizure free this week!!! Finnegan has had no side effects and zero seizures since starting the solution. It's been such a relief and the peace of mind is worth it. It's so easy to give with his food twice a day too, and he eats it right up. Even my vet is excited about the results! I'm really thankful that we most likely will never have to face seizures like that again.

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Seizures/Distemper Solution for Dogs

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