Karon Czekala - Alpharetta, GA

Jigs was down one terribly hot day.  The horses were in a huge pasture, a couple of houses up, to alternate off of our pasture and rest our grass, so we didn't know how long he had been down.

The pony was clearly in pain, and had been down for some time.  The rest of the herd was away from him, standing in the pond.  Jigs, the head of the herd, was alone, miserable and being attacked by flies.

We ordered the MMP Stop and Hoof Ailments, on Doc's advice.  Jigs didn't love the taste of the herbs, but he ate them if we put a tiny bit of sweet feed into them. (I KNOW, sweet feed was a big part of the problem!) I wish we could say he jumped right up and felt perfectly fine, but it was about 20 days before he began to be his old self.  He did feel better within about 4 days, and had just a few setbacks.  Any vet would have put him down 10 times in that 20 day period, and we considered it more than once, but he rebounded and is now happy as a pig in mud.  He went to be a five year old girls' first pony, on Christmas day.  He has a new lease on life. We thank you.

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