Kathleen Gorney, Jessup, Maryland

DiabloDiabloDiablo definitely has insulin resistance (IR). After being ever so careful all spring with all the green grass growing, I was able to not have any episodes of laminitis. Half way through summer he started acting a little ouchy riding on hard surfaces and stone after he had been just trimmed. He only got a tiny bit worse before I started him on the herbs I purchased from you all. That was the Recovery Trio (EMS/Cushing's/IR, Hoof Ailments and MMP Stop). Now Diablo hates anything in his mouth, so at first he didn't like the herbs but after a few times he absolutely loved them so much I didn't have to halter him. Now he got way better and I got a new farrier to do barefoot trims to my horses. All was fine until last Sunday when he developed a limp in his right front hoof. He's had abscesses in the past so I knew that's what it was. After deciding not to call the vet ( usually I do and end up with a hole in his hoof that takes forever to grow out and heal). I'm treating it holistically with herbs but I'm thinking he needs the hoof herb from this company so I'm ordering more. Your products are beyond wonderful and I can't thank you enough for providing these herbal combos that really work. I've changed Diablos diet a little...hay pellets soaked and a few whole oats to take his vitamins and some timothy hay. He's also loss some weight. His IR was never horrible but it's there and I have to be careful. I also think he's been walking with long toes for so long the barefoot trim was a bit of a shock to his body. Thank you again for helping the horses!

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