Lidia Kuleshnyk - Ontario, Canada

Spring RoseSpring RoseI have countless phenomenal results with For Love of the Horse herbal remedies.  When my wild mustang Spring Rose got her nose into a rare porcupine, and no vets would come out to help because she could not be haltered, we gave her high dosages of For Love of The Horse pain formula, mixed them in a bit of warm water topped up on grated carrots and oats. We got the special tweezers to pull out the quills while keeping her focused with thin carrot slices. Each time we pulled out a porcupine quill, Spring just sighed in relief, allowing us to pull out all 15 quills. This is apparently quite miraculous because we were told the quills have jagged ends in the skin making removing them very painful and so most dogs or horses won't let you pull out more quills after the pain of the first quill being pulled out. But the pain formula from For Love of the Horse was so amazing that Spring Rose felt very little discomfort as we pulled out all 15 quills. She had minimal swelling in the days following and no infection. It took us all of 20 minutes to fully remove all the quills. We couldn't have done this for our wild mustang Spring Rose without For Love of the Horses Natural Pain Relief formula.

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Natural Pain Relief Solution for Horses

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