Lori Kennedy and Nadia, Joliet, IL

Nadia BeforeNaida Before 2023Nadia is believed to be a purebred Arabian mare. She was saved from boarding the slaughter truck in Bowie, Texas in October 2022. After quarantine she moved to IL; for several months she lived with the lovely lady that saved her. In January when we learned that she had Cushings, she was started on Prascend. She came to live with me in early April 2023. She was coming along with a lovely coat and her weight looked perfect, but she got a "growth" in the middle of her nose. At first the vet did not recognize it was a wart, apparently extremely unlikely for an 18 to 20 year old horse. We tried a cream which only seemed to irritate it. The vet came back to do a biopsy and more "growths" had appeared on her nose. That is when the vet identified them as warts and suggested a series of three IV injections to boost her immune system. She got those, the warts continued to appear. I contacted For Love of the Horse and asked for help. Total Immune Health solution was recommended. I started her on it at a high dose and as the warts disappeared, I reduced it to 6 scoops twice a day. In about 2 1/2 months the warts were completely gone!  She was also on the EMS/Cushing’s/IR Formula for her Cushings in addition to Prascend. Since then, she has been diagnosed to also have IR, so I have switched her to a custom formula called Diabetes.   About a month or so ago, she had a bout of laminitis. I put her on the Hoof Ailments solution to reduce the pain and to help her hooves heal. She had a total of three bags of that and she is doing extremely well!Nadia AfterNaida After 2023

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