Martha Siemonsma – Alice, Texas

Jackson, Male Boer GoatJacksonI want to make a comment regarding the hoof ailments herbs.

This past winter was wet, muddy, and cold- not good conditions for hooves. My old male boer goat developed a horrible abscess(s) in one of his front feet to the point that he would put NO weight on it at all- he literally got around by walking on his knees. His leg was swollen up to his knee and parts of the hoof were necrotic. He became very depressed and would barely eat anything at all. My vet treated him with multiple rounds of antibiotics, foot soaks and pain meds, but nothing seemed to help. My vet even suggested that maybe I should consider euthanizing him if he didn’t improve.

Well, after going the "normal route" on this and becoming nothing but frustrated, I decided to do what I should have done in the first place........... rely on FLOTH herbs!

I took my goat (Jackson) off all antibiotics and pain medications, discontinued the vet visits, and put him on just the Hoof Ailments Herbs. I used 3 full scoops 2x daily (3 when I could manage it). Thankfully, he LOVES his herbs. To make a long story short, it has taken awhile, but he has improved so much in the last 2 months that his appetite has returned, he is back to walking on all 4 feet without so much as a limp, and feels good enough to butt his sister! I just had his feet trimmed and there is no sign of any abscessing or diseased tissue.

I think after I finish the bag of hoof ailments that I am currently using, I will be able to discontinue the herbs. That will be much to his disappointment because he looks forward to getting them!

Thank you! Thank you! Hey, these don’t just work for horses! These probably saved my goat's life. April, 2018

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