Michele Purpora-Tardi, Lake View Terrace, CA

May 23, 2022

Emma BeforeEmma BeforeEmma came to me for training with a huge sarcoid that was both outside and inside of her ear. Emma is owned by Vivian Insua Lopez in Sun Valley, CA. She had had this for several years. The vet said in order to remove it surgically she would be left with a hole in her ear. I had success with removing a sarcoid from my horse's, Groucho, eyelid with Total Immune Health ( I was amazed), so I suggested her owner try it. The large outer sarcoid began to diminish and the one inside the ear disappeared completely. You can see the changes and progress in the photos as she continued on Total Immune Health for a little over a year. Just a dot of a scar is all that remains. Truly a miracle (again).

I am so grateful to have For Love of the Horse as a resource for the health of my horses and those of my clients.Emma AfterEmma After

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