Nancy T., Sahuarita AZ

Murphy was adopted at 4yrs of age after spending 2 months at the shelter and came with an eye that was red and inflamed. I made an appt for him with an eye specialist and also researched alternative treatment options. The good news was that it was not Glaucoma-however the diagnosis was Episcleritis which in dogs can overgrow the cornea and cause blindness. The vet did mention at the appt that some of his colleagues are of the opinion that episcleritis has "an autoimmune" component. We got the prescription eye drops and also called FLoH and decided on the Nourish/Digest to treat the autoimmune issue (it starts in the gut) and the Uveitis as a good combination. At the same time his diet was changed to a raw natural (ancestral) dog diet to begin to heal his gut along with the Nourish/Digest. He made steady improvement over 2 years and the prescription meds were weaned off and then 4 months later the herbs were weaned off and he has been completely clear of any symptoms for almost 2 years now. Amazingly the herbs were more effective during any "lapses" during our first 2 years than the eye drops and instead of the usual prognosis of having to be on eye drops the rest of his life, Murphy is now a normal healthy dog. For him the herbs worked magnificently. Many thanks to the supportive staff at FLoH.

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