Pam Groetzenbach and Beck - Sheridan, IL

BeckBeckTwo years ago, we adopted a beautiful Pitbull named Beck. He's now almost 9 yrs old. We don't know much about his history, but he was in sad shape. His body was riddled with tumors, some of which had been surgically removed, as was a portion of his tail due to cancer. He had inflamed gums and was on a plethora of medications with one side effect after another. Beck was losing his hair and his ears were an infected, deformed mess. He had gone deaf from scratching at them. We decided it was time to to wean him off the conventional drugs and replace them with Dr Thomas' formulas: Total Immune and Mast Cell Tumor(custom blend)

Within weeks of using the Total Immune Health formula, Beck's ears were starting to clear up. After two months, all his hair has grown back and he has no new tumors. Best of all, he's starting to hear! We never thought that would happen! He has a long way to go, but we're thrilled with his success. Dr Thomas and his team are the best!

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