Rosemary D. Shares Sierra's Journey

SierraSierraI am writing this for horses with Cushing’s/IR, laminitis/founder, etc., with owners who may be hesitant to use some of your products due to cost.  However, what owners have to consider are the savings incurred for not having to pay for other costly supplements/prescription medications, corrective horse shoeing, vet visits, x-rays, pain and anti-inflammatory medications for following a treatment regime which may not be working in your particular situation. Below is Sierra’s story…..

Around Mother’s Day in 2012, Sierra presented with acute laminitis in all 4 feet.  It was probably developing for several weeks prior, but I had never had a horse with laminitis and failed to recognize the early signs.  X-rays confirmed severe coffin bone rotation in the right front foot.  I followed my vet’s recommendations for blood  tests (one was positive for Cushing’s), corrective shoeing, diet, hoof resection to right front hoof, restricting grass, grazing muzzle, Bute and Banamine for pain and Prescend for Cushing’s. With the above treatment regime, Sierra would still have bad days with good days.  Sometimes her “walk” would look almost normal, but a few steps at a “trot” would demonstrate that telltale head bobbing, which told me she still was not sound.  She could never go without Bute more than a couple of days.

In the fall of 2013, Sierra experienced another acute laminitic episode.  This time both rear feet were involved with severe coffin bone rotation to the right rear hoof.  Sierra would not pick up any of her hooves now.  The vet recommended nerve blocks, more Bute/Banamine and more corrective shoeing.

At that time, I made the decision to research other treatment options.  I found an excellent bare foot trimmer (Meg) on-line who was experienced with working with laminitic horses in my area.  After viewing the x-rays, Meg came right out, pulled the shoes from Sierra's painful feet, and Sierra’s journey to recovery began.

With light trimming every two weeks, therapeutic boots, and judicious use of an anti-inflammatory medication easier on her GI tract, Sierra starting to slowly improve.  However, my farrier also recommended your products to assist in Sierra’s recovery.  Initially, the cost was a concern to me, and my farrier even gave me half a bucket of the EMS/Cushing’s/IR solution to try for free. 

Since December 2013, I have used the EMS/Cushing’s/IR solution for Sierra and the change has been phenomenal.  I have also had good results from the Hoof Ailment and Hoof Growth products when her condition warranted. Sierra has had not required any pain/anti-inflammatory medications for months.  Her x-rays in April to her rear hooves showed the coffin bones realigning with good sole growth.  In the Spring, she shed out her heavy coat and is still as slick as a “show horse” in July. She is able to tolerate being out on grass  pasture for at least 10-12 hours a day and is enjoying being a horse again. 

The ultimate thrill for me was to see Sierra take off at a full gallop and race my other horse to the barn, and Sierra won!  Each time I see Sierra trot normally are moments I treasure and proof that your products work.

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