Shannon Tippet, Phantom of the Opera - Berlin, MD

Horse Health Herbs Strangles Success Phantom of the Opera I just want to take a minute to tell you how wonderful your products are (like you don't already know). We bought a horse in February. After 2 weeks he started getting really sick. He was diagnosed and confirmed with strangles. I immediately started researching everything I could and came across your Strangles product. He started using that and Total Immune and within a week we saw huge improvement. We then added in the Respiratory Distress and treated the whole herd with that. None of the other 10 horses got sick!!! I now have multiple people asking me what we used and looking at your products! When he went to get scoped the Vet was amazed that he could do just the nasal flush to clean out his guttural pouch. What is typically a painful experience (and I had bought the pain relief to be safe) turned into an easy process with no downtime. The vet was shocked, so they are now looking at your strangles product as well! I can't thank the company enough for providing such quality products!!! Horse Health Herbs Strangles Success Phantom of the Opera

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