Sissie Goff, Richmond, TX

NaoiseNaoiseIn 2006, Naoise had very severe laminitis. His front hooves were so abscessed that he literally blew off his hoof walls. He could not stand up. He had complete distal desent of the coffin bones in both front hooves. Every vet (but one) we spoke to said the only kind thing we could do for him was to put him down.

But one vet told us if we could do it, he could do it, and that he would tell us if he couldn't go on. Every day, Naoise told me he could do it. A VERY LONG and VERY PAINFUL story followed. Both my husband and I spent long hours with him day and night, every day ... soaking, bandaging, loving on him, sleeping with him.

I prayed for an answer as he literally laid down for FOUR months, with us cradling his head on our laps, and the children at the stables coming into his stall after school every day, leaning their bodies against him like an easy chair. They hung out in his stall talking, laughing and loving on him. One of little girls said Naoise became her best friend because "he always listens to me".

The answer came when God sent a woman who had gone through something similar. She told us about For Love of The Horse. I called these wonderful women and Dr. Thomas and told them what was happening. They immediately sent me the necessary formulas, MMP Stop, EMS and Natural Pain Relief. I had been giving him Bute. They said to kiss him, stop the Bute and get him started on the recommended regimen right away. We did. Within one week, he stood up for the first time in four months. The rest is history. That was in 2006. It is now 2023.

NaoiseNaoiseI have given him the EMS formula twice a day since then.

He had a couple of flare ups (pretty minor and very rarely) since then. I keep MMP Stop on hand and give it to him when and if he has a flare up. It stops the flare up immediately.

My beautiful, majestic Naoise is so very healthy and so very full of himself.

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