SonnySonnyMy name is Sonny. I am a 31-year-old Arabian. This is my story.

In June of 2011, I was not feeling well. I had no energy. I wasn't devouring my daily feed bowl. Something wasn't right. Cloud, my human partner, asked me if something was wrong. You see, I am her best friend. I know when she isn't feeling well, so stands to reason she would know the same about me. I answered her with tired eyes. Something was very wrong.

Cloud called our Vet who immediately came to the farm. She examined me and drew blood. I really hate needles so that freaked me out. Little did I know what was coming next.

A few days later Cloud told me that I had something called Cushings Disease and even worse, I was Insulin Resistant. My blood numbers were terrible. I was very sick and something needed to be done soon or I would die. (She didn't tell me that - I know her body language.)

The Vet wanted me to go on a drug called Pergolide. She told Cloud I would die if I didn't have it. Cloud researches everything and shares the results with me. This drug while it has some positive effects, also has some negative ones. But she was desperate to do something so she ordered it.

In what must have been a hundred hours of research on my diseases, Cloud immediately began soaking my hay in water. This was to remove some of the sugar that made my condition worse. She also sent samples to a laboratory for testing. (The result was no soaking needed). And then something wonderful happened. She discovered For Love of the Horse. They offered a Chinese herb concoction that was specifically for my diseases. She contacted them and spoke with Melissa. And Dr. Thomas e-mailed her after looking at my blood test results. A kindly man, he gave her confidence she was doing the right thing by me. They were sure I could be saved.

My blood is tested now and then. I still hate needles! But the good news is I like the taste of the herbs that probably prolonged my life.

The two other horses I live with have had issues over the years, but they were quickly resolved by other herbs from For Love of the Horse. They offer something for just about every ailment.

Four years after my death sentence, I'm still here. By the way, I never took one Pergolide pill. My Vet told Cloud to keep doing whatever it was she was doing. I heard her say it's the herbs from For Love of the Horse. Thank you Dr. Thomas.


Sonny, the horse
as told to Cloud, his human


This is Sonny, March 2019, with an update. I'm 35 and still here. Thank you Dr. T for prolonging my life

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