Susan Middleton - Elliot, Maine

Susan Middleton and FigureSusan Middleton and FigureI have a Morgan who suffered all winter in our NE home with the squirts. None of the Vets could help me figure out what was causing it and what was wrong. All the $ on blood work showed nothing except he is negative for lyme (which Dr. Thomas said from the 1st blood panel) and was dehydrated. Tina started me on the Nourish Digestion Formula and to make a long story short, he is doing awesome. It took a while to stop the squirts and for him to feel better but it happened. We are on our 3rd bag of Nourish and he is a different animal. Figure is his name, he is 20 this year. I wish I had taken a before photo

He is moving great, out cantering and galloping in the fields. His skin is gorgeous now, the color has changed from dark brown to a beautiful reddish color and it shines. His eyes are clear and you can tell he feels great. He lost a ton of weight while on the formula and is back to his young self. I believe the Nourish is treating the Malabsorption syndrome he clearly has a problem with. The loss of fluid and return of muscle seems to be a part of the healing.

I also need to address the support and mentorship I have received from Tina and Dr. Thomas. they have been invaluable in helping me understand what was going on with Figure and what to do. Everything is working and my boy is happier and younger than ever!

Thank you to For the Love of the Horse, who truly cares about the health and well being of the horse and assists us humans in treating them back to health and well being.

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