Suzanne Warren - Penn Valley, CA

Simon - Before TreamentSimon - Before TreatmentMy much beloved Simon, who's in his late twenties, was losing weight and looked terrible; he was depressed and the blood work we did showed a poor prognosis. It appeared he was getting enough to eat.  The vet wasn't encouraging as he felt Simon was probably at the end of his life as he was not digesting his food properly which is what happens as a horse ages. But I knew better!  I had had such wonderful results with the other For Love of the Horse Chinese herbal formulas (Allergic Skin Reaction, EMS/Cushing’s/IR Solution, Hoof Ailments, Hoof Health & Growth, MMP Stop Solution) I tried, and I was determined to save my dear boy. So I put him on the Nourish Digestion formula, and within two weeks I was seeing results! Without increasing his food intake! He was on the herbs for maybe three months total and he gained much needed weight and the light came back on in his eyes. He continues to do well and is a happy boy today. There's more life in him yet!  Whenever a health issue arises with my horses, I look to For Love of the Horse formulas, and I have never been disappointed. I've always thought the results have been miraculous!”

Simon - After TreatmentSimon as he looks today.

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