Tammy Turske - Gallatin, TN

DanDanJust wanted to let everyone know about my old horse Dan, and his road to recovery.  He had injured himself so badly in his hind end, we thought he would have to be put down. The only way he could move, was to circle to where he was going, and most of the time he wouldn't go anywhere. He didn't lie down for almost 4 weeks and was exhausted. In that time he injured his other hip, we think by being so off balance he fell in the creek. I had come to terms, when my father trailered him to Dr O'Brien in KY, that I was taking my best friend of 22 yrs. to have him put down. Dr O'Brien has treated this horse over the years many times and said he deserved another chance, and to call For Love of the Horse. This place formulates and mixes Chinese herbs. So I did.  After being on these herbs for 6 days he has done a 180!!

It's unbelievable how he is walking, laying down, rolling, and getting back up. It's so wonderful hearing him nicker to me when I'm going down to give food and meds!! He is bright eyed again and looks so happy. He knows we didn't give up on him and how much we love him. God Is Good! And these herbs are awesome! He's on what's called Arthritis Solution.

Thank y'all so much for giving him back to us!!

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