Melissa Tankersley, Customer Care with For Love of the Horse - Polo, MO

Melissa Tankersley and ClasseyClasseyWhen we went to pick up Classey, she was much worse than we imagined. The owner had told my husband that the only problem they had was that they could hardly keep weight on her. She continued to lose weight no matter even when he fed her the best quality hay, full pasture and Senior feed. He was really doing what he knew to do, and had even had her checked multiple times by a Vet. My husband told him that we could “fix it” (the gentleman didn’t believe it!) and we’d come get her.

But we weren’t really prepared for her to be so bad. You could see every rib, every vertebra along her spine, her eyes had a sunk-in look and she had the most severe case of diarrhea I had ever seen. We weren’t entirely sure she was strong enough for the hour ride home in the trailer. But, somehow she made it. We began her on Nourish Digestion and with the help of some friends, we were able to give it to her at an aggressive dosage of 4 scoops, three times a day. She was on good pasture and the only food she was getting was a very small amount, literally a handful, of Nutrena Prime.

I really didn’t expect much in the way of results very quickly. I figured that as bad as she was, her Malabsorption Syndrome had to have been going on for quite some time and that maybe we’d start to see a difference in a couple of months. Not so. Seeing her daily, it was difficult to notice the changes in her weight, but in 2 days she was becoming hard to catch! Before, she was so lethargic she could barely walk. She began “talking” and acting like a different horse and in a week her stools became solid instead of watery. The biggest surprise came when we compared weekly pictures. WOW!! The results were astonishing. In 3 weeks and 2 days, she had already gained a substantial amount of weight!

There is no doubt in our minds that this little 25 year old Quarter Horse mare never would have made it through the Missouri Winter in the condition she was in. She still has a ways to go, but already we’re sure she’ll make it through the winter and keep gaining weight, strength and personality!

I thought at first that we would do the “aggressive recovery” dosing for the first tub of herbs, then back down to twice a day, but the results were so astounding that I decided to keep it to three times a day for a while. She’s now on twice a day and will be throughout the winter, but come spring, we hope to get her to once a day, then completely off. No doubt that she’ll be able to maintain her weight on her own, but we’ll always keep a close eye on her.

The Nourish Digestion literally saved her life. I cannot thank Dr. Thomas and Crystal enough for the work they do! Classey thanks you too!

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