Angela Burgess - Arcata, CA

I first experienced the wonders of Total Immune with Pigeon Fever. Back in 2004, Snickers my youngest and most promising dressage horse came down with pigeon fever. He was dead lame, fevered and his chest was greatly swollen. The vet diagnosed it by sonogram- it showed two small abscesses forming deep in his chest. Because they were so deep, the concern was that they might come to a head and rupture internally which is when pigeon fever goes from being not just a huge, drawn out mess but deadly. I was sent home to wait for the abscesses to erupt. I started doing hot packs [hourly from 9AM to 9PM] to bring the abscesses to a head & ordered the immune herbs hoping to speed his recovery & keep the other horses from getting it. The herbs arrived after 3 days of hot packs & it must have been only 2 or 3 days after starting the herbs (I continued the hot packs) that the swelling totally disappeared & he was sound again. I called the vet wondering if he could have misdiagnosed it or if it was common for it to just disappear, but he said no to both of those. I continued the herbs for a full 2 weeks on all the horses & they all remained healthy. I have heard horrible stories of horses with pigeon fever so I would highly recommend anyone to use the Immune at first sign of any infection. It works wonders.

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