Ann Wild - Mt. Juliet, TN

Once I finally was able to see the subtle signs of laminitis and start the MMP Stop, I have been amazed at how much relief my horse got from only the MMP Stop.

I have also had to use the Hoof Ailments when my horse had, what I now know, was lots of sub solar infection. That was truly amazing as within 2 weeks the hooves went from yuck to solid, tough sole. It was amazing to see the sole suck back up as it had appeared to be falling out/down!

With both these herbs (MMP Stop & Hoof Ailments), I saw very quick results for pain management. Just my observations with my horse - I know that each case is individual, but I know these herbs really made/make a big difference for my horse.

I've just ordered the natural pain herbs & will be trying them out in the near future (not for hoof problems...a horse’s mishap, we might say). Don't like to have to be excited about trying another herbal formula, but darn....all the ones I've tried so far have been above my expectations!

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