Mary Arena - Sand Lake, NY

My Icelandic gelding had been suffering from a chronic sinus inflammation for over a year. I had him scoped and x-rayed. There was no gutteral pouch infection. I tried antibiotics, immune boosters, herbs and homeopathies, all with no lasting effect. The vet told me that this is a very difficult thing to treat. At Equine Affaire, I stopped at the For Love of the Horse booth, and asked about their products. Allison suggested Respiratory Distress for my horse and told me he should be fine after treatment.

Needless to say, I was skeptical! But I'd tried every thing else and didn't feel I had anything to lose but a little money. Well, I was most impressed with the results! My horse's nasal discharge cleared up and has not returned. The sinus inflammation has been gone for several months now, with no sign of returning. I'm am very grateful to Dr. Thomas for making these products available!

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Respiratory Distress Solution for Horses

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