Alicia Boyle - Hendersonville, NC

Five years ago, my beloved dressage partner was diagnosed with carotid artery tumors. A golf ball sized tumor, as well as numerous smaller ones, were causing the problem. Flexion was difficult and after much thought, I had the largest one surgically removed only to be told that it would "probably" return. I kept him on dry herbs over the years and then this fall, the tumor returned with a vengeance to be the size of a baseball. I noticed a definite slow down. He no longer "boxed" on his hind quarters in the field, he ran out of energy quickly, and his eye was lifeless, pleading me for help. After speaking with an acupuncturist, she suggested I contact "someone" who knew Chinese herbs and maybe that would help as surgery was not an option with the location of the largest tumor just below the ear. I scoured the internet and found For Love of the Horse. I called immediately and was greeted with one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. ...Dr Thomas. After a brief teary description of the situation from me, Dr. Thomas's words were, "Well, we will just have to get rid of those tumors." I couldn't believe my ears! Was he really serious?

Within several days, a package of herbs arrived at my front door, custom made for my partner. I immediately started him on the herbs...which he found quite pleasant tasting...and within a few days, the tumor was receding! I kept checking thinking I was wishing them away and it wasn't reality. I telephoned Dr. Thomas to see if I had a vivid imagination or that I possibly could see a result this quickly. "Yes, my dear, the herbs are doing their job!", he said. Within 1 month, the tumor was HALF the size! My horse's eye was brighter, he started to play and box in the field and his zest for life was returning. While all this change was happening, Dr. Thomas was in constant communication wanting to know if all was proceeding as it should. After the first month, adjustments were made to the herbs to accommodate the changes that were happening within my horse's system. Within 2 months, my partner became the gentleman he always was and the one I feared I had lost for good.

Gratitude? One can not even express the caring, listening and understanding of the horse that Dr Thomas and all involved at For Love of the Horse have. There is never a question in my mind that I will consult them before ANY prescription or diagnosis is given for any of my horses. If I could encourage anyone to try these herbs first for ANY situation, they would not return to traditional medicine. My best friend is LIVING proof that they work.

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