Cherie Nelson & Ditto - Enid, OK

My horse Ditto had an abscess that was obviously very painful. So while I was trying to treat the problem, it was important for me to alleviate the pain. So twice daily I would give Ditto bute, but she really did not like bute at all Finally she limped well away from me when I was preparing give her another dose. I decided I was going to find a natural pain relief formula that hopefully she would find acceptable. In searching on the internet I found, For Love of the Horse, and The Natural Pain Relief. In reading about it I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I am very happy with the results; my horse ate it right out of her feed bowl, and nickered when she got her next dose. The natural pain relief herbs relieved to pain enough for Ditto to feel comfortable moving around, which is an important component in resolving the abscess. I am very thankful that Dr. Thomas got a horse that he needed to help with his knowledge of Chinese herbs, so that my horse could benefit.

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