Carol, Minnesota

DakotaDakotaI purchased a Registered Quarter Horse, mare, 3 years ago after my 2 horses were hit and killed by a truck when one escaped the fence, and the other followed. So, Dakota was a spoiled, boss mare. We took a while to bond since I did not let her have her way. When she did bond, we became partners. That was Feb. 2018. I trained her, riding daily, for dressage. She did well.

We trailered to many places, trail riding, going to ride with friends, etc. Dakota was a sound, reliable mount. But, in the later part of 2019, Dakota had trouble cantering, switching leads, breaking to trot. I saw nothing detectable to blame this on. However, during the winter, I noticed a possum hiding in my hay pile. I live trapped and relocated it, knowing the danger of a horse eating possum waste. That can cause protozoa to enter the horse's spinal fluid. By late May of 2020, I knew something was going wrong. Called the vet who thought it was West Nile disease, treated Dakota, and she was better.

But June 23rd, Dakota was standing still in the pasture when called for grain. She couldn't walk and was stiff. I called the vet who administered Banamine and other shots to relax Dakota's muscles. He pulled blood to test for EPM, an equine disease caused by ingesting the feces of opossums. EPM is what I suspected. The blood test confirmed that diagnosis.

DakotaDakotaI started Dakota on an herb blend made by a local company. She improved, then relapsed. So, I contacted For Love of The Horse company because years ago I'd had good luck with their products. I got the delivery of "Neurological Disorder" in days-- to relieve Dakota of symptoms. Then later purchased "Total Immune Health". That product killed the protozoa and helped Dakota remove them. Within 2 weeks Dakota began to improve. AND in one month, she started regaining her weight. AND she could walk normally. So those two products in time, -about 3 months, healed Dakota and she once again RAN in to get her feed. The products have ingredients to not only kill the protozoa, but also to clear the horse's muscles where they invade deeply, but most importantly, the products kill and remove protozoa from the spinal fluid and brain.

I would now recommend this company, "FOR LOVE OF THE HORSE", and all their wonderful products, to anyone. Plus, I have referred 2 people to try the Neurological Disorder and Total Immune Health products. My vet was so impressed with Dakota's recovery, he recommends the products to other clients.

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