Cindy Moore - Polo, MO

Sugar - 5/6/2009Sugar - 5/6/2009
Sugar - 7/24/2009Sugar - 7/24/2009

My name is Cindy Moore and I want you to know how much I appreciate the Nourish Digestion and Total Immune Health herbs from For Love of the Horse. Last winter my horse Sugar had a pretty bad weight loss problem. She had an unusually long, thick winter coat which made it difficult to see the weight loss until she was in real trouble. She didn't have much energy and stayed pretty close to the stalls instead of spending her usual amount of time in the pasture. My friend, Melissa, at For Love of the Horse suggested putting her on Nourish Digestion. She really loved the forumla and I could see very quickly that she was feeling better, although it took a little time for her to start putting weight back on. However when it was time to shed that thick winter coat, another apparent problem was revealed. As she shed her hair, there was no hair there to replace it. As you can see by the picture, she looked pretty bad. Again, For the Love of the Horse had the answer for Sugar and she responded quickly to the Total Immune Health with a new burst of energy. It was a real joy to watch her run up to the stall to get her herbs. Thank you Joseph and Crystal for the wonderful work you are doing.

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