Carol Sarullo - Vacaville, CA

My mare Bella experienced severe pain on the same day each month during her monthly cycle for all of 2008. Every month, usually on the same day of each month.....i.e. like on the 4th of each month, during her cycle she goes down in really bad pain. She lays down moaning, gets up, sometimes paws, and lies back down. It's hard to watch her like that. I am quite sure it is pain from ovulation. This just started last year and she started it again this year on June 4th. The really bad pain usually lasts for a portion of 1 day. That's not to say that she isn't uncomfortable on the other days during ovulation, but the bad pain that puts her down is usually for 1 day. She started her heat cycle in June this year and on June 4th she had her first pain episode for 2009.

I received and started Bella on PMS Mare Formula towards the last week of June at 3 scoops 3x/day. A few days after July 4th (day of pain previous month) I lowered her dose to 3 scoops 2x/day. Just lately I've been giving her 3 scoops 1x/day (the maintenance dose) because she seems to be doing very well.

The results since she started the PMS Mare Formula: Bella had her monthly cycle during the first week of July and I did not detect any pain episodes. Additionally, Bella's flanks are NOT senstive to the touch. That is a huge improvement, because for as long as I can remember, Bella has reacted negatively to being touched at her flanks. That area was always a source of pain for her.

I'm so very grateful for your formulas.... and so are my horses!

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