Linda Davenport - Council, ID

Just wanted to share "yet another" success story about our wonderful For Love of the Horse herbs!!!!

I have four horses. Two weeks ago I noticed that my youngest (age 3) was significantly dripping clear liquid from her mouth and her nose. She seemed just fine otherwise, eating and drinking normally. I just didn't like what I was seeing, so I took her temperature and it was 102.4. So I decided to immediately put her on Total Immune Health (TIH) at a high dose of 4 scoops, 3 times a day, and I isolated her from the other horses and called the vet.

He told me to keep an eye on her and let him know if anything changed. A few hours later I took her temp again, and it had climbed to 104 and her lymph nodes on her neck were starting to swell. I immediately called the vet again. He had other appointments, and by the time he got to my place, her temp was over 105 and her lymphs were very swollen. We looked at each other -- "Strangles." Of course, this was Friday evening!!! (Never fails.) The vet gave her Banamine and sulpha-based antibiotic shots.

I upped her TIH dosage to 4 times a day and started giving all the other horses TIH at a high dose as well. By the next morning, her temp was down to 99 degrees, her lymph nodes were smaller and softer, and her drooling had diminished. I contacted Angela by email, advising her about what was going on and asked what Dr. Thomas would recommend. He recommended, of course, the Strangles Solution (SS) and continuing with the TIH and adding Nourish Digestion (ND).

First thing Monday morning my order was placed for overnight shipment of Dr. Thomas' SS and ND, which arrived on Tuesday. I immediately added, per Dr. Thomas' instructions, the SS and ND at 4 scoops, 3-4 times a day. By Friday (one week from the original signs) my filly's temp had remained at or near 99 degrees and the lymph nodes had reduced to near normal and her drooling had completely stopped. I was able to turn her back out with the herd.

It's now been two weeks and I am so happy and excited to report that everyone in my herd, including the 3 year old, is healthy and happy!!!! Per Dr. Thomas' instructions, of course, I will continue with the herbs for two more weeks!

Wow! Another crises averted by these incredible herbs!!! I will tell you that I will NEVER be without Total Immune Health on my shelf!!!! I am positive that because I was able to get all my horses immediately on TIH (even though I didn't have any Strangles Solution on hand), their immune systems went immediately to work keeping this extremely contagious virus at bay!!! (By the way, I did not continue with the oral pharmaceutical meds prescribed by my vet!)

As always, THANK YOU DR. THOMAS AND For Love of the Horse!!!!!!

God Bless

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