Eva Knodt

ShadowShadowJust to let you know that my mustang Shadow is doing fabulous on Dr. Thomas' delicious herbs. He's been on them since October (EMS solution and liver health through shots and worming). During the first week the "herbal message" spoke strongly and he seemed transformed, evan playing with me in the pasture! Then the initial euphoria subsided and he's been improving at a more sustainable pace. Now that the heavy rains have started here in the santa cruz mountains and the grass is growing, i am able to trulyappreciate thedifference to last year. January/February was always his worst time, with warm feet, not wanting to move, and becoming emotionally withdrawn. Not at all this year. He is in good spirits, discovering hisinner foal and sense of humor, his feet look great, he actually lost weight and looks less bloated. His movements are are so much more fluid and relaxed, and he volunteers to play and run with me and even down hill.

I am so glad I found you. Thank you so much for all your help

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