Elizabeth Hammond - Brewster, Massachusetts

JJJJI love the Cushing's Solution! It has helped my pony SO much. Before this she was on pergolide, which she hated. Now she is on the cushing's solution which she loves. It seems like every day she is getting better. I love to see her healthy.

I also used the Restore Liver Health recently for her and my other horse to help with their vaccines. They both liked it and neither had a negative reaction to the vaccines. Thank you all so much!

Follow Up with EMS Solution

Hi Allison,

Today I was out mucking the paddock and as I was leaving, my horse, JJ, was standing by the gate. Assuming that she wouldn't get out I opened the gate but as soon as I got the wheel barrow through JJ cantered out and then cantered around the yard. I could barely catch her she was so wild and I was laughing so hard. When I got her back in the paddock she ran around and kicked up her heels very defiantly. So as you can tell she is feeling excellent and is happy spring is here! I am happy that JJ is doing so well and am glad she has her spirited pony attitude again after her sickness this winter.

Hope you get a laugh out of her antics like I did! Thanks so much, she would not be this healthy without For Love of the Horse

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