Amy Hughes & Wilma - Burlington, WA

WilmaWilmaHoof Bone Repair for a coffin bone infection (osteomyelitis).

Wilma appears to be "well". I finished off the last bag of herbs and slowly trailed down to one scoop a day. She's very active -- runs, slide stops and bucks quite frequently (especially when I won't let her into her stall while I clean) and there's no reoccurring swelling or tenderness in the ankle or around the top of the hoof. Aside from being just a little bit chubby, I think she doing very well.  For being 23 and considering the shape she was in when she came, I'd say she's as well as she's ever going to be. Thanks to you and Dr. Thomas's herbs. I am forever in your debt. Especially since the diagnosis, treatment and expectations for success, put forth by our vets, were so very un-encouraging, and yours were so very positive. There's every good possibility that Wilma would have been put down had we not found you. Wilma, now, could be driven, as she's strong and sound.

Not to worry about my strongly referring anyone I talk with to I already have and will continue to do so!!

Amy Hughes
Burlington, WA

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Hoof Bone Repair Solution for Horses 715g

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