Dodie Jacobi - Kansas City, MO

Sami, my horse, had several months of loose wet manure, atypically "cinchie" behavior when saddling, and a weary personality. One evening he was so clearly in pain that his eyes were glazed and the stable staff called with concern.  Though this acute pain passed, I called the vet for an exam.  He confirmed that Sami's symptoms suggested an ulcer.  Official diagnosis would have been very costly and required transport to a hospital far away, so the vet recommended treatment as an ulcer without diagnosis.  After a positive experience with For Love of the Horse Cushing's Formula, I was delighted to find an ulcer formula available instead of resorting to a still-expensive western medical solution.  With just one round of the herbs, he was well past the symptoms; indeed within days his spirit improved and the loose stools stopped.  Though I haven't "medical proof," I have a happy horse as evidence that whatever ailed him is safely passed with only the Ulcer formula to credit.  We're back in training for spring trail riding and he's the willing partner I remember.  Thanks to you all for this important work!

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