Dodie Jacobi - Kansas City, MO

Dear ones at For Love of the Horse,

My horse Sami now has moved safely through several health challenges thanks to your herbs and Dr. Thomas' consultations. I write to thank you for the latest success from the new formula for nutritional malabsorption.

Earlier this spring, Sami showed extreme weight loss, lethargy, dull coat, and loose stools. He looked as old as his 40-year-old paddock mate, yet he's only in his early 20's! I was truly concerned about Sami's lifespan. Sami had survived an ulcer and exposure to Strangles with your formulas, so I turned straightaway to For Love of the Horse again! I commissioned blood work for Dr. Thomas' review. He found the typical levels associated with this metabolic disorder and prescribed the new nutrition formula with an expectation that it would take 6 months or so for us to see Sami's health restored. Four months later, Sami looked a good ten years younger, and all at the barn commented on how much healthier he seemed. He has regained weight, a shiny beautiful coat, and the first REAL mane he's had since I've owned him. We re-ran the bloodwork to find all his levels back to normal. This time I have more than anecdotes to share, I have tangible proof of this formula's good work! We did find Sami's white blood cell count is low, so you can expect my order for Immune Health. I'll expect the typical good results again.

It's wonderful to have my sweet spirited Sami back, and just in time for the best riding of the year. Keep up all your wonderful work!

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