Judy Goetz - Santa Maria, CA

December 2007

Several years ago, my Arabian gelding was diagnosed with Cushings and put on Pergolide. The symptoms of Cushings seemed to go away quickly.  He, however, started to limp slightly on his left front.  After approximately 2 years of vet intervention on a limp that got worse and wouldn't go away, and large amounts of money, there was no diagnosis.  No matter what the vet tried, it didn't help the limp, which had managed to get very pronounced at a walk.

Through a series of events, a lady south of where I live, gave me a call and told me about For Love of the Horse.  She said her horses healed quickly and were doing very well on these herbs. 

Topper looked alright with the exception of being very ribby and he had a limp. So, I called the company and decided to try the herbs.  I did introduce the EMS first, and had him on that mix for about a month before I introduced the Arthritis herbal mix.  In three days after introducing the Arthritis mix, my gelding was no longer limping.  I have been able to decrease these herbs by half and he still isn't limping.  He is able to comfortably walk, trot and canter in the round pen now, which we are doing to build  his muscles.

Last Monday, he was being playful in the arena and he managed to move in a way that inflamed the tendons in the left front leg.  He could hardly walk.  I wrapped his leg and ordered Tendon Repair immediately.  He started to feel better gradually and after the first dose of Tendon Repair, (the next day) he is walking in the arena because he asked to be let out of his paddock.  While Tendon Repair is wonderful, I also tell you this because he seems to "snap" back faster now.  I know there will be ups and downs occasionally, but he seems healthier.

I started the first herbal mix on October 12, 2007, gradually removed any and all chemical supplemental formulas from his diet, by my own choice, (and there were many) and now have him on a very simple diet that is as clean as I can get it, along with the herbs.  I am very pleased with his progress.

I know that there is always concern regarding costs of any program we start with our animals. I just sat down and figured out that I was actually spending more money on all the supplements, pain relief, vet and special farrier care I was giving him.  These herbs work!

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