Kendra Karmick - Fallbrook, California

Red SpiritRed SpiritEarly last year we were given a beautiful red gelding because they thought he was never going to recover from his lameness. We named him Red Spirit because of his incredible spirit and enthusiasm that he showed us in healing so he could be back doing the job he loved the most, being loved and ridden by a young girl. This young girl is my 10 year old daughter, Victoria. I began his healing process with Reiki, massage and acupressure and when I found For Love of the Horse, I inquired about the tendon solution. Dr. Thomas said that he felt Red would benefit greatly from his solution and explained why. I was in the beginnings of my holistic education myself so I understood what he was telling me. Dr. Thomas has been a wonderful mentor to me as I further my education and have since acquired 2 other horses that need my help in healing and returning them back to full health. Red’s trouble was a previous owner who over rode him and jumped him and then when he was lame gave him a shot of cortisone. They did this a second time and that is when our trainer acquired him. He became lame again a year later and the vet said there was no hope. He was in so much pain that he spent as much time as he could lying down. Red has been in my care for almost a year now. He only has a very small bit of scar tissue left and I will continue the herbs until it is gone but he has been sound since June of last year when we moved him to a new ranch. He is the greatest addition to our family and he loves Victoria and takes wonderful care of her. Even though he is an x-racehorse and stands at 16.3, she is his little girl and he thinks the world of her. It is amazing to watch them together.  Thank you Dr. Thomas for helping us with our beautiful Red Spirit. You and your family are doing wonderful things to restore health to many wonderful horses.   

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