Kendra Karmick, with Victoria and Sterling - Temecula, CA

Arthritis Success Story - A Wonderful Horse Named Sterling

SterlingSterlingSterling came to us just nine months after we were given Red, our first success story using Dr. Thomas's products. Interestingly enough he came from the same ranch we got Red from. I was told that Sterling had old injuries in his left hock and left fetlock which were now off and on lame due to arthritis. It was obvious when we got him although he would sometimes work out of it.

Sterling had more than physical issues because he had been passed around so much and apparently abused. He didn't want to bond with anyone. He could even be mean and made it hard for me to work with him. I used Dr. Thomas formula for arthritis for almost a year and did some training with Chris Irwin to help with the other issues we had. Sterling has made a full recovery and trots around with the rest of our growing herd. He is happy, pain free, and a completely different horse. Sterling has found his forever home and I believe that with the herbs has helped him to heal in all aspects of his life. One of the things that I learned in my studies of Chinese Medicine is that you must address the whole being....mind, body and soul. Sterling is our shining example of how that works. I can never stop talking about him and I still get teary eyed when I tell his story. He is my biggest miracle!

Yet again, we thank you For Love of The Horse and Dr. Thomas for helping to bring balance into another one of my horses. I can never say enough about the products and all of your support and consultation on my journey of healing with horses.

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