Katy Hoskins - Sweetwater, TX

OopsOopsI have been using your products with several of my horses for about six months now and am quite pleased with the results, but am blown away by the difference made in Oops, our 20 year old mustang who suffers from severe skin allergies. Over the years we have tried everything with little success. He's had extensive testing and we know what the allergens are, but cannot keep him completely isolated from grasses and bug bites! As he began aging, the allergies not only affected his skin and mane/tail, but his ability to gain weight in the spring and even shed out properly. Last summer my daughter decided to retire him from difficult rides and multi-day trail/camping rides.

Oops was given to us as a 9 year old. He had allergies even then, and we tried all kinds of therapies - antihistamines, steroids, tea tree & olive oil on his mane, supplements - the Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy was more helpful than anything else, but getting him to ingest it was a nightmare! He is not a food motivated horse, and it took all kinds of tricks to get him to take it... He is not an easy keeper, so there were times we had to assure people that he did not have mange and was healthy except for the allergies.

After using your arthritis solution on my aged Haflinger gelding, I decided to try the Allergic Skin Reaction. What a difference this spring! And Oops loves it - he will even lick it off my hand. What a relief. And for the first time since I've known him, he is carrying some weight and is slick and shiny with an almost full mane (not really fair to compare manes when you own Haflingers!) I'm attaching a picture I took today and one from last spring about the same time. It's sort of hard to see Oops in the picture from last spring, but it is obvious he looks a lot better this year! Pictured with Oops is my daughter and her young horse - Bullet - also a gift horse. These two guys are both accidental breedings and unwanted and a Bullet was a bit difficult to handle. This is exactly the type of horse my daughter excels with! She and Oops have done way more that his confirmation or athleticism suggests that he can do. He does it out of heart and his relationship with her.

Thanks for all you do for horses!

Warm Regards, Katy

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