Sissie and Naoise (pronounced NEE-sha) - Sugarland, TX

My angel's tenotomies (surgical division of tendons) were NOT my choice and entirely against my wishes. That being said, I had to deal with the repercussions of his surgery. It was very similar to broken legs. The doctors also said he would never be much more than a pasture horse or at best, good for easy trail rides after they cut his tendons. Since his surgery, I had the "privilege" of seeing another incredible horse have all four of his deep flexor tendons cut. His name was Murango.

To me, it was barbaric. And Murango died. (The sound of Dr. Redden cutting Murango's tendons will stay with me until the day I die.)

Naoise ... when they performed his tenotomies (on his two front), he was immediately crippled. They told us what would happen after was scar tissue would fill in the gap between the cuts and told us to massage his legs religiously to try to prevent his legs from mal forming around the scar tissue and the now poorly supported physical structure of his legs. We were warned that the lesser tendon would try to attach to the scar tissue and that could lead to having to perform the tenotomies all over again.

We were instructed to pick him up the next day. At that time, unfortunately for the hospital and the lead veterinarian, I pitched a rather unholy fit. Here was my angel with severe rotation, abscesses and now virtually broken legs and I had no clue how to care for him adequately, yet they were sending him home. Naoise stayed another week, though I was with him almost all day, every day while he was there.They told us he would quickly recover from the tenotomies.

What happened after: Naoise continued to get worse and worse. The laminitis monster was viciously trying to kill him and all the while he was also having to deal with the additional pain of no support from his tendons. Needless to say, he was critical and in intense pain. We wrapped his legs, we wrapped his feet, we did bute, we did numerous antibiotics ...I slept with him, I hand fed him as he laid down and could rarely get up for over 4 months. As a "lay herb user" it is difficult for me to delineate as to what formula helped Naoise stop dying ... as to what one began his solid path to recovery. For Love of the Horse heard us out regarding his condition, then suggested the formulas they thought he should begin immediately. We started him on EMS, Hoof Ailments and Tendon Repair. That was on December 6th, 2007. Neesh still has a long way to go, but he is now running, kicking, bucking, laughing!!! And barking! Yes, my horse barks. The weekend before Neesh got the herbs, we were told for the umteenth time it was cruel to make him go on living and we should put him down. By the way, he is nearly back to his fabulous butt stops.

With best regards

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