Carol Linderman - Milaca, MN


Deanna, let Dr. Thomas know that his formula has once again been like a miracle. The end of July Harley started with the poor breathing again. By August, I had him vetted and as you know, he had a shot of Dexamethasone and was on it for three days. He really improved, then it came back and hence I contacted you people. Harley has been on the Heaves Solution for about a week, and he has his energy back, when exercised there is no exercise intolerance, and he no longer sweats while standing still. He feels like he is a young horse again. Yesterday I took him to a clinic where he worked very hard for 45 minutes, on dressage movements. We were both tired at the end. Friends who know of Harley's problem watched, and were truly amazed, as was I, at how he has improved!!


And now, Harley, who could hardly exercise because of Heaves, is showing again and winning. This Sunday I showed again and won my class!!; He is 22, I am 65. SO-thank you once again, now you've saved Tariq from having bladder lavag, and Harley is doing GREAT!

Love you all

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