Donna Loper - Corona, CA

DiamondDiamondDr. Thomas and Allison,

Words can not begin to express my gratitude for you both and for the "For Love of the Horse" company. The day that I stumbled across your website was literally a blessing for me and my ailing mare Diamond. She had just been diagnosed with hepatitis and was very ill; my vet had told me to prepare myself for the worst. He said that if she made it through the night that I would be lucky. She had not eaten in days and had dropped nearly 250 lbs. At nine months pregnant I knew this was not good. As I drove her to his office and he hooked her up to the IV, I knew there must be something else I could do for her and the foal she was carrying. I knew I had to work fast. So I went on line and typed in "hepatitis" in the search bar, and there it was, our saving grace. After reading your entire website, I decided there was nothing to lose, except my mare and foal that is, so I picked up the phone to call. I talked to Allison at first who knew from my voice I think that I really needed to talk to Dr. Thomas, I was really scared and worried that Diamond was not going to make it.

After receiving my return call from you, in a matter of hours, and talking with you about all her symptoms and all my worries. Would the foal be okay? Is she going to make it? I knew in my heart that Diamond and Gypsy were going to be okay. You told me right away that we could get her well and save the foal, but we had to work fast and get her on these herbs as quickly as possible. I faxed the required blood work to you and in a matter of hours you had mixed up a remedy that would literally save their lives. I received it the next morning and began my daily drives to the vet to help administer the herbs, since she needed to have them 3x a day and at the time my vet was very leery about the herbal remedies, and I might add that he now has changed his position on your herbs. I began the herbs, and in a matter of about a week she started showing great signs of improvement, her jaundice was diminishing and her appetite was coming back, so I brought her home and continued my regime of doses. I kept this up for about a month and I could see her improvement on a daily basis. She foaled in early September of 06 and Gypsy is just beautiful, both mother and daughter were doing fine, until mid March when Gypsy came down with Strangles. Once again I turned immediately to you and once again you and Allison came to our rescue. Sending out bottles of the Total Immune and Stangles Solutions I again began administering the herbs. I am very happy to report that both Diamond and Gypsy are doing wonderfully today because of your caring and eagerness to get help out as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for all you do and who you are, you both are just such loving and caring people and we are so blessed to have you our lives.

Thank you again For Love of the Horse, for you truly do Love the Horse and their owners.

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