Kris McCormack - New Paltz, NY

KhemoKhemoRemember me telling you about my 22 year old Arabian, Khemo, who had been having low grade but persistent runny eyes and a bit of a runny nose for quite a long time?  His right eye was the worse of the two, and had been irritated longer, with chronic puffiness under the lower lid.  His left eye was not as bad or as chronic -- only been weepy for 6 months or so.  The runny nose was also not a severe thing -- just the almost continual presence of clear thin mucous in both nostrils.  Khemo's other symptom was that he would occasionally take a heavy/difficult breath or two, usually when his head was down in grazing position.  None of these symptoms was enough to really worry me since Khemo's energy and spirits were otherwise great -- but I knew they were a sign that things weren't quite right.

Well my herb order came on Thursday, so Thursday night I started Khemo on the Respiratory formula, Immune Formula, & Liver Restore. This morning (Saturday) my neighbor Carol (who helps take care of my horses when I'm away at work) and I were looking at Khemo  (he was begging for some attention) and we both remarked that his nose wasn't runny and his left eye looked completely clear. That's pretty remarkable.  The right eye is still a bit weepy and puffy under the lower lid, but I convinced that will clear up very soon.  These herbs are really remarkable!  I'm so glad to know about them.

Many thanks for these wonderful products.

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