Kim McElroy - Kingston, WA

MinuetteMinuetteI have 3 horses on your formulas for EMS, Nourish Digestion and Liver Support. Two of the miniature horses - one of whom Dr. Thomas has analyzed, named "Minuette", have just finally recovered this year from years of laminitis and chronically sore hooves. We dare not allow them any grass as even minutes of exposure still make them sore. But accidents can happen and a couple weeks ago when I let my other horses out to graze I accidentally left the gate open - so they escaped and got out to graze - my worst nightmare. We were in the house for several hours so they could have been out for hours. I immediately put them on MMP stop - and they NEVER GOT SORE!!! This is a first and I feel it is because they have been on the other formulas in addition to the MMP Stop. Thank you Dr. Thomas

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MMP Stop Solution for Horses

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