Megan Lange and Psalm37, Central Nebraska

January 4th, 2022

Psalm37Psalm37My filly Psalm37 began a snotty looking nose and a bad cough last summer into fall. Respiratory rates varied from 18-25 bpm. Smoke from fires in neighboring states loomed and I thought that may have caused issues.

Devastated, as she is coming 4 years old in May 2022, the issue urged me to Halt her training and ground work as she would get so winded.

The vet was out and put her on antibiotics. Not resolved. Put her on a broncio dialator serum. Antihistamines.

I began to wet her hay along with my other , more severe heaves horse ( her dam) it helped some , her respiratory rates hung in at 15-17 bpm.

I called my A.I. vet, he suggested steroid injections.

Farm vet said if what she prescribed doesn't work work a daily nebulizer treatment with a special mask would be needed.

I called my lameness vet who deals with lots of running TB horses. Surely he would know about breathing I thought!


My online questionnaire was a golden ticket.

Megan and Psalm37Megan and Psalm37Psalm37 began the respiratory distress formula. Within a month she stayed at 15 bpm. She would eagerly paw the ground when I brought her medication. LOVES IT. It smells delicious.

Then I introduced total immune health.

I was able to free lounge her for short periods. SHE BEGAN TO RUN. BUCK. PLAY. TOSS HER HEAD IN EXCITEMENT. R.U.N. she hadntbeen herself for weeks.

Her respiratory rate came as low as 12 bpm. TWELVE!

Thanks to these all natural blends my two beautiful black horses are feeling good again.

My filly Psalm37 is my literal dream horse. She will be a very important part of the farm as her training continues again and she feels healthy and thrives. I had my mare A.I.'d to a Friesian stallion with every dream you can imagine in this foal. So the related breathing issues showing up so young was heartbreaking.

Respiratory distress is Incredible. I thank God for these products that can restore health and quality of life to my blacks.

Psalm37 will be going to training this spring and will be a fine and remarkable saddle horse!

Highly recommended

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