Mike May and Bo - Houston, TX

BoBoBo's Masses For Love of the Horse luckily came into our lives just at the right moment. My mixed breed Staffordshire terrier and boxer mix named Bo, which is the love of our life, suddenly just stopped in his tracks and wouldn't move and was very unresponsive. The conventional vet that we brought him to found he was full of lesions on his liver and probably had only 7 months to live. The lesions or masses would bleed which would devastate Bo and we almost lost him. I started looking for alternatives and brought up his condition to a friend that had a neighbor who's 10 year old dog went from almost being put down to acting like a puppy again using the herbal formulas that Dr. Thomas formulated. I thought that I would give it a try. I went online and submitted the form that they provide regarding his condition and they responded back immediately and Dr. Thomas formulated a formula specifically to prevent my dog's masses from bleeding. Here we are more than two years later and our dog that we thought that we were going to lose is still with us. Not only do we appreciate Dr. Thomas's herbal formulas, Leah, part of their support team, would contact us regularly to check on Bo. She would also assist us with any other issues that we had like they were our personal vet. They go above and beyond and care greatly for their customer's pets. We will continue to use them throughout Bo's remaining life and for any future pets to come.

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