Nadine Hoy - Klamath, Oregon

RockyRockyWe ran a rescue for 30 yrs, and when 3 of our horses came down with serious liver disease, the only ones affected were our personal horses. We were never sure what poisoned their livers.

My husband's great gelding Toby died a horrible death, and Rocky was very near death. All of the vet treatments failed us and a friend sent me this website.

My vet assured me I was wasting my money and everyone knew Rocky was not going to make it. I sent in the bloodwork, and Dr Thomas made us what we needed to help him. It took 6 months, but my beloved Rock Star is still with me many years later. His laminitis kicks in if he gets into something he shouldn't, (Houdini, he is a pure gold escape artist and most locks and doors are not a problem for him) so I have to watch him closely.

I just bought him MMP Stop and the pain killer, so if we have another laminitis attack, we will be on it asap.

I will always be eternally grateful to Dr Thomas and his wonderful team for keeping my laddie alive. Of the hundreds of horses that have passed through my hands over the last 50+ years, Rocky is my number one soul mate... Dr Thomas, I owe you!!!

Kind Regards, Nadine Hoy

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