Robin Williams - Belgrade, MT

MulliganMulliganI just wanted to add to your reviews and let you know about my success with your arthritis formula in a Bay I have had for 12 years. Mulligan is 17 years old and hasn't been able to be ridden in about six years. He has Kissing Spine Syndrome and a hip condition, both of which have become arthritic. He has had so much pain in the last year, he was becoming pinny eared, nipping at the other horses, and surly and pushy with me, which was becoming a concern.

Mindy Schroder told me about your products, as she is using one of them for a laminitic/foundered mini pony with incredible success. A picture or video is worth a thousand words, and here is the outcome of using your arthritis formula on Mulligan.

Thank you for your incredible knowledge and love of our animals.

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