Catherine Rule - East Waterford, PA

CassidyCassidyI feel like writing the newspaper and saying if your horse has laminitis, you need to call For Love of the Horse! Cassidy is my 25 year old quarter horse and my best companion. Four days before Christmas a close friend of mine lost her horse of 39 years and she had to bury her. I was sure Cassidy was going to die and so was everyone else. Cassidy has Chronic Laminitis. Cassidy was down again, gasping for air and could not get up at all. My vet told me I needed to put her down and the bute she was on had not helped. I was asking my friend what kind of arrangements I needed to take for putting down Cassidy. When I got home and looked at Cassidy again on the barn floor gasping for air. A little voice said there has to be a way to help her.

I am 80 years old and live alone in the high mountains of Pennsylvania. I called my son Roger at work who lives 2 hours a way and said, "You have to go home now, get on the computer, and find a holistic cure for Cassidy's Laminitis!" Roger knows nothing about horses let alone Laminitis but stumbled upon the For Love of the Horse's website. I think God guided him. I gave Cassidy her first dose of herbs the day before Christmas Eve while she was lying down and gasping for air. Now, I have two beautiful children, eleven grandchildren, and eight great-grand children that I love very much. But this Christmas, I didn't care coming or going. I just wanted my horse. By Christmas Eve morning Cassidy was sitting and her gasping had slowed a little. On Christmas morning at 4:30 a.m. I went out to check on her not knowing what I would find. When I walked into the barn there was Cassidy standing there looking at me and she whinnied! I just stood there and cried. She had color back in her lips, mouth, and gums and her eyes were bright. I was in awe! The next day Cassidy was moving her feet.

Cassidy broke out in a sweat for three days there after. My vet had recommended I tried bute and I had Cassidy on it for a few weeks before I found For Love of the Horse. I think she was having withdrawals or sweating out the toxins. I stopped the bute as soon as my herbs arrived. By the seventh day I went out to check on her and she was out rolling in the mud! Cassidy got up and shook herself off. This is something she hasn't been able to do since last August! It has almost been a month since Cassidy started taking her herbs and on a scale of 1 to 10, Cassidy is at an 8! Words can not express how I feel... you saved my horse!"

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