Sarah and Matt Amick - Bertram, TX

PipPipIn the beginning of 2011, my husband and I had 2 horses diagnosed with EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis). Pip, an 8 year old Paint, and Jasper a 5 year old Paint. Pip had showed signs (lumbar soreness, right rear stifle catch and general grumpiness) for the past 1.5 years. Jasper had showed signs (lack of posture muscles, head shaking, cranial nerve sensitivity and abnormal gait) for about a year. Each horse was about a 2 on the Mayhew scale and the blood work sent to Dr. Ellison at Pathogenes show they were both positive for EPM.

I was extremely heartbroken about this diagnosis due to the fact that mainstream pharmaceutical drugs for treatment were very expensive and had been known to cause liver failure, anemia, and bone marrow loss. I knew I needed to get these boys on an Immune support right away.

I spoke with Melissa at For Love of the Horse. She advised me that Dr. Thomas made a formula for Neurological conditions. I was excited because not a lot of holistic treatments are able to cross blood brain barrier to fight protozoa and heal the central nervous system. I ordered Neurological and Total Immune Health.

Upon arrival, my husband and I set up a plan for administering these formulas for each horse 3x a day. This was NOT the easiest, but we made it work. They each got 3 scoops of the TIH 3x a day and 4 scoops of the Neurological 3x a day. (6am, 2pm and 10pm). After 2 weeks, we could start to see that they were both feeling better. They had both put on lots of muscle and I thought Pip had enough but wow he really filled out.

Based on the research I had done on EPM, I had to know if what we were doing was truly working, so I drew blood after 3 weeks. Pip and Jasper had both dropped significantly in their blood titers! We continued on this same treatment for another 2 weeks for Jasper and then tested him again. This time he showed to have cleared the protozoa and now has the antibodies for life! YAY!

Pip was different, as each horse is. His titers dropped and his clinical signs disappeared. When we retested him at 5 weeks, his titers started to go back up. They continued to rise a month later to a number higher than the initial test but he showed no clinical signs of EPM. This result showed that Pip’s body was producing antibodies to the protozoa and “keeping them in check”. This is what horses are supposed to do in their natural environment when they are exposed to the protozoa that causes EPM.

Each of our horses cleared EPM with Dr. Thomas’s Neurological Formula and Total Immune Health Formula. We have the blood work, pictures and video to prove it. We will be forever grateful to the support and knowledge from Dr. Thomas and his wonderful staff. Pip is no longer back sore, grumpy or stiff on his right rear. Jasper is no longer head sensitive or shakes his head. He walks normal and has great muscle tone!

Thank God for For Love of the Horse!

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