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PonyboyPonyMay 16, 2012

I just turned both Pony and Sisko out to stretch their legs, and Pony trotted out of his stall, then GALLOPED into the field (approx 1/2 acre) and around it a couple times, trying his best to keep up with long-legged Sisko. I wish I'd had my camera; I would've filmed it into a little Pony-movie for you to see the absolute JOY this animal has in being able to move again, pain-free or as close to it as he's been in almost a year! He'd stop, head up, snort spiritedly, then wheel and take off again at a gallop. I honestly thought I would never see him do that again, given how bad he was only 8 weeks ago. My horse-sitters even said he looked like a new pony. They were amazed at the improvement. The last time they saw him was about 10 weeks ago, just before he got so very, VERY bad.

I am refilling his Natural Pain Relief and Hoof Ailments only to keep stuff on hand, just in case. He's down to the EMS/IR/Cushing solution and the Arthritis formula as of now (after checking him tonight for any lameness, his muscle tone is slowly coming back too, after not exercising for so long, which is another thing I've had to watch).

Well, this was a quickie update that I am happy is starting to sound like an infomercial promoting your product. Miracle is not too strong a word for the pony's improvement, though I'm sure you guys are used to these kinds of results. For me, it's a blessing that I'm not having to put down another otherwise healthy animal because of something that Western medicine just can't help, and can't even control the pain without horrible side-effects.

Thanks for answering my prayers about the Pony.

May 17, 2012

I'll give you guys a quick update to my update yesterday, as it's relevant:

Ponyboy was a little stiff this morning from overdoing the exuberance yesterday, which I expected. Other than that, he is doing great. We'll see what my farrier says when Pony gets trimmed in a week. He's on a four-week schedule because he grows hoof so fast; at the last trimming my farrier mentioned that there was redness in the hoof, but the "white-line" still looked good so obviously whatever damage had started with that terrible bout of laminitis, we had managed to stop it early enough (with MMP Stop!)

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