Maddy Spina - Briarcliff Manor, NY

ValeoValeoThere are just not enough words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your reassuring words and kindness! I truly believe that God has sent me an Angel named Joseph Thomas. I want you to know that since you began helping Valeo, I have not stopped singing your praise! I had almost given up hope, Valeo had chronic diarrhea for one year, among other issues. I resigned myself to the fact that he may just have the diarrhea for the rest of his life and I would just have to deal with that. Well, it has been one month now, Valeo is free and clear of any diarrhea at all. His problem has completely ceased! That in itself is an immeasurable gift! You have restored my faith in human beings. In seeking a cure for Valeo, I had tried every modality/practitioner known to man, only to find out that it was all about profit, not for love of the horse.

I chose the name "Valeo" because it is the Latin translation for "wellness, power and strength" which he so proudly exudes, but in fact, ironically was not.  Now, for the first time I believe that he is on the path to living up to his name, thanks to you. You are always in my prayers, may God continue to Bless you.

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