Stacey Kazmark - Chino Valley, AZ

Stacey Kazmark and TWHStacey Kazmark and Tennessee Walking HorseI Have a Tennessee Walking Horse and about 8 months earlier she was not right, tripping alot, sore back, walking funny, she had lost alot of weight. Vet came out and did a neurological test, sure enough she had polyneuritis her #'s were very elevated. My dog groomer told me about For Love of the Horse. I called them, sent in the blood work, and they gave me the herbs I needed (Neurological Disorder and Total Immune Health), along with the meds my vet gave me. I thought I was gonna lose her as she got worse before she got better, but I waited it out. After the meds from the vet, I continued with the herbs, then I brought her back in to the vet for more blood work to see how the #'s were going, the first thing my Vet said "You're the one that is using herbs" he was sooo soo amazed at how she looked he could not believe it. 3 times he said to me 'WOW" I can't believe how good she looks, I got the #'s back from the the second test, and one was zero, and the other was hardly elevated, nothing to worry about, I am soo very glad I found you guys!! I can't even tell you. Thank you again. anytime there is something wrong with my animals you are my go to first.

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