Tina Brown-Parish - Jamesport, MO

DineroDineroWords cannot express the gratitude my husband and I are feeling. We just brought Dinero home from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine where we had a full work up completed which included an ultrasound see how the mass was progressing.

Our trip to the university was the make it or break it time for Dinero, you see we have been doctoring our 11 year old quarter horse that any one could get along with, you know the kind the horse that when a child was at your house you could be confident he would take care of them kind of a horse. For the last two years or more we have been battling a multitude of heath challenges they all seemed to start with an injury of the suspensor tendon. It would take him 6 months off to recover so that is what we did. After a year we still had lameness challenges with Dinero. However we noticed two bulging areas at the base of his belly. Our vet looked at it and informed us that it was a fat deposit, and that he was still showing lameness and that he needed more time off. After about 3 more months we had another vet out to draw coggins test and I ask at that time about Dinero. I shared with him about the pockets at the base of his belly, he informed me that those were edema which forms if the horse has an injury in the area and the infection or swelling falls to the lowest area and we should ultrasound if the injection does not reduce the swelling. It did not so off to the vet we went the ultrasound showed that Dinero had a large mass in the area around his sheath. We then needed to biopsy the area. The biopsy showed to be inconclusive the vet told me he found a large black jelly like mass that was surrounded by red abnormal blood cells. As far as his lameness challenge he blocked his hoof to see where the problem was and also x-rayed this hoof and ankle. He said that he showed 80% improvement when his hoof was blocks so it was in his hoof, he injected the hoof and off we went.

After about two months the lameness just got worse his sheath swelling was out of control and Dinero was in a lot of pain he could hardly walk and a horse that never wanted to come in the barn now would not leave. He had changed and my husband and I were at a loss. Joseph had been referred to us and we had exhausted modern medicine and not to mention our bank account. My husband and I agreed that we were losing Dinero and we needed to do something, after my consultation with Joseph we felt comfort, and we felt his passion and we felt Joseph could help Dinero. Shortly after starting with the herbs the swelling in the stomach area and the sheath area started to reduce. Dinero's coat started to shine and his attitude started to improve. His lameness challenge was still present at this point my husband said if he isn’t comfortable we need to be thinking about the reality if he is in pain we need to think of other options. Being a horse person this is something that goes unsaid, so hearing my husband verbally say this was earth shattering to say the least.

Our last option was the University of Missouri College of Veterinarian Medicine we transported Dinero in and they did a full work up on legs and on the mass. We wanted answers, and that is what we got Dinero had a bone chip floating in his ankle and had navicular disease in his left hoof. OK this we can work with, and about that mass? They replied, "WHAT MASS!"

Thank You So Much!!!!!

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